Central Mix (Wet) vs Transit Mix (Dry)

September 16, 2019

The primary reason Ready-mix producers will purchase a Central Mix concrete batch plant is to increase the company’s market share and profitability.  Concrete contractors buy concrete based on #1 quality, #2 service and #3 price.  Quality concrete to a concrete contractor means consistent slump and no cement balls. 
In our age of multiple additives, sophisticated specifications and tremendous liability the central mix concrete batch plant relies on one individual for maintaining a quality product, the plant operator.  As compared to the Transit mix concrete plant that relies on each individual truck driver for quality control compounded with the variety of mixing action in Mixer trucks due to different blade configurations and wear. 

For Ready-mix sites producing over 130,000 yards per year, the diesel fuel savings alone can qualify Central Mix over Transit Mix.  In addition the savings on wear and tear on their fleet of truck mixers will increase the life of a transit mix drum by 30% to 40% when being charged from a central mixer.  Finally the faster charging time of Wet plants over Dry, can save a Ready-mix producer having to buy more Mixer Trucks.  Typically 1 mixer truck for every 10 mixer trucks in the fleet.

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