CON-E-CO Eutectic Mixer Paddle Liners

February 21, 2023

Abrasion Resistant Materials • Increase life over urethane • Save on installation labor.  Picture above of Eutectic paddle liner after 600,000 yards of concrete mixing.

CON-E-CO Mixer Paddles with optional Eutectic Wear Liners are only available pre-assembled from the CON-E-CO factory in Blair Nebraska.  The wear liners are welded to the steel paddles in a controlled environment with quality control checks and confirmation to engineering standards.

Process - Eutectic CDP is welded flat with flux cored wire and a controlled “cool” welding process that together create a coating with uniform hardness and exceptional wear properties.  This unique welding technique minimizes the heat input to the base plate resulting in a low dilution.  The fast, controlled cooling creates an overlay with a dense, extremely tough microstructure that is consistent across the plate.  The monitored cooling also promotes small controlled cross checking that does not propagate into the base metal.