Aggregate Smart Screen for Loader Operators - by CON-E-CO

July 29, 2021

CON-E-CO recently launched their new remote-controlled Material Handling System. The breakthrough here is locating a central point of contact, controlled by the loader operator, via an industry-first Material Handling Display. Utilizing PLC technology, the loader operator now has an in-cab digital display of the material feed functions (Conveyors, Level Indicators, Turn-heads, Vibrators, etc.) that can be accessed through a WIFI network and displayed/operated via a tablet or mobile phone app. The Tablet controller replaces the past 8 button remote controller, with greater functionality and graphic display. Further, the safety concerns of operators needing to look up and away from their primary field of view are eliminated with real-time, in-cab graphic display of the material handling system. Other users can access the same display in real-time via the site Wi-Fi. Download Presentation. Call us today for price and availability.
Tablet remote display and controls