7 Ways Automatic Moisture Probes Can Benefit Concrete Production & How to Calibrate a Moisture Probe.

November 9, 2012

REDUCE batch time by eliminating  the guesswork of the batchman to compensate for sand moisture.

REDUCE driver time at the slump rack.
SAVINGS by reducing the amount of cement required.
SAVE sand by properly yielding a yard of concrete.
AUTOMATE recording of sand moisture per batch.
INCREASE your concrete strengths by maintaining water to cement ratios.
INCREASE job site concrete slump consistency.


In the concrete industry, moisture probes are a necessity in your sand bin in order to maintain your mix design tolerances.  However moisture probes can also increase plant production by networking the probes to your plant automation.
Microwave moisture probe technology has been a standard in our industry for the past 10 years. Calibration of a probe is typically accomplished by using a simple bake out process.
1st Weigh-up approximately 500 grams of sand in microwavable bowl.
2nd Record weight of sample and bowl.
3rd Remove moisture by putting sample and bowl in a microwave for 30 seconds.
4th Carefully stir sand allowing the moisture/steam to escape, but be careful not to spill any sand.
5th Continue cooking sand until all moisture is gone.
6th Record weight of dried sand and bowl.
7th Divide dry weight into wet weight of sand and subtract from 1 will equal sand moisture.
You can make further adjustments by offsetting the moisture percentage by subtracting the sand absorption percentage.  This final calculation will give you a Free Moisture percentage.
Automatic batch controllers can use this moisture percentage in real-time, while weighing up your sand.  The mix design target weight will continue to adjust until approximately 90% of the sand has been weighed.  upon the final sand weight being determined, the water target weight will also be adjusted.
The new generation of Moisture probes can now compensate moisture in your rock, as well as reporting on moisture trends for additional adjustments.  The Precision Water System integrates directly with COMMANDbatch to increase the consistency and quality of your loads with better moisture management.