7/11 Materials Concrete Plant Production Upgrade

February 18, 2012

7/11 Materials needed to upgrade their old concrete batch plant to meet the needs of a growing commercial and residential construction market.  The old plant production of 110 yards per hour needed to be doubled, in order to keep up with the new mixer fleet of 25 trucks.  A CON-E-CO PLP 12 yard Concrete Batch Plant with 3 yard surge hopper, was selected to meet the new plant needs.  With the increase demand in plant throughput, it was also determined that plant storage would need to be doubled.

As the market demands continued to accelerate, the down-time of the new plant installation needed to be reduced.  DHE Inc. was able to install the new batch plant, while the customer continued to operate the old plant.  The final conversion of the old material conveyor to feed the new plant turn-head was completed over a weekend.
Plant Conversion Concrete Plant Conversion