RexCon600 Barrel Portable Auxiliary Silo

SPECIFICATIONS & FEATURES The bin is a single compartment enclosure with a nominal cement storage capacity of 600 Barrels | 112 Tonnes | 2,400 Cubic Feet. The unit is a trailerized main frame with a triple axle spring suspension transportation gear featuring a king pin, brakes and signal lighting. The bin features one 5” fill pipe with the option to add three additional fill pipes. The unit is pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and features an access hatch for ease of maintenance. The cement screw is a 12” direct drive screw, powered by a 40 HP motor. The bin features a NEMA motor control panel with one high and one low level indicator with a lightbox. The hydraulic system operates on a gasoline powered 3.5 HP hydraulic pac that includes two main lifting cylinders and four frame lifting cylinders for running gear removal.

Production range 600 BBL
Price from $355,000 - $390,000

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