The CON-E-CO® 448-454 batch plant models are built with superior structural strength and operate from a monolithic slab foundation in lieu of piers for less foundation cost and expandable storage capability options.

The aggregate bin can be located in line or 90 degrees to the centerline of the plant. The charging conveyors can be located in the same fashion allowing the footprint to change with the property layout.

  • Two, round cement storage silos mount on the plant, and each silo can be split into two compartments each
  • Raked discharge gate design reduces horsepower requirements
  • Optional 54-inch mixer charging conveyor offers faster charging and shorter cycle time for increased productivity
  • Optional water tank 3,500 gallon water storage tank mounted on the plant


Production range 300 to 400 yards per hour
Price from $1,690,000.00 to $3,600,000.00

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