3 Day - Rex 10 Yard Mixer Change Out.

December 9, 2020

DHE Inc. field services team recently changed out a Rex 10 Yard Tilt Mixer with a direct replacement.  The replacement mixer drum included new blades and urethane liners, as well as new load and guide rollers.  Day 1 was a prep day getting the old mixer ready for removal.  Day 2 a 150-ton Hydro Crane arrived on site at 7:00 am and the old mixer was on the ground late morning.  The rest of Day 2 was spent setting up a field jig to confirm the placement and 1/8" tolerance of the new guide and load rollers.  Day 3 the new Rex Mixer was installed by early morning and by lunch time the mixer motors were being checked for rotation.
 Old Rex 10 Yard Mixer Rex Mixer field jig Urethane Mixer Liners DHE Inc field services