$106,800.00 Concrete Reclaimer “Essentials” Package

May 21, 2020

The cost to manage and recycle return concrete is typically a cost that most producers do not account for when getting into the business.  As the number of custom mix designs continues to grow, so does the cost to recycle.  For a typical 15 Mixer Truck operation, the monthly costs to haul off and dispose of waste can be $15,000 - $25,000 per month.

BIBKO has packaged a starter Concrete Reclaimer that process 25 cubic yards per hour and incorporates the customers existing washout pits.  The reclaimer incorporates a two truck washout station, automatic PLC, Sand & Gravel discharge screw and is expandable as business grows.  An optional above ground agitated slurry tank can be added with a 450 gpm slurry pump to re-introduce the slurry water into fresh concrete at the batch plant.

The Concrete Industry is unique in being able to re-use its waste products into producing fresh concrete.

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